Our Retreats

The Introduction to mindfulness and art consists of morning retreats exploring mindfulness delivered by Dr Nicola Rowles. Approaches will be explored for integrating stress reduction methods into our lives. The afternoon art retreats are delivered by artist and teacher Deborah Theobald encouraging mindfulness as a means of connecting more deeply with creativity and our relationship with the world around us.  It is a life-affirming course, which is highly participatory and practical

Retreat Dates

  • 14th – 18th September 2020 (Subject to travel and social distancing restrictions)

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What might I gain from practicing Mindfulness?

Research over the last 30 years has shown that people completing mindfulness-training programs are able to cope more effectively with stress (both short and long term stressors) and enjoy improved health and quality of life. Many do so as mindfulness training has been shown to be an effective clinical intervention for a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, cancer, psoriasis, as well as childbirth and menopausal symptoms, and the list goes on. Furthermore, memory improves, and mental and physical stamina increases.                                 For many there is a feeling that the pace of life is out of control or that life has simply lost its sparkle. 

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of rebalancing mind and body with increased awareness and learning to relate directly to whatever is happening in our lives. Mindfulness helps us to consciously and systematically work with the stresses and strains that are part of everyday life and discover we have a choice in how we feel, how we behave and live our lives. It is something we already have, an inner capacity for reconnecting with and restoring a sense of health and well-being. Mindfulness is a way of purposefully paying attention without judgement to things as they are in the present moment.

The good news is that mindfulness is something we already have, an inner capacity for reconnecting with and offers a way of living a more integrated, healthy and satisfying life.

What does the introductory course include?

Guided mindfulness meditation practices.

Gentle mindful movement.

Group discussion.

Audio cds to support home practise and helpful resources. 

The introductory course may be both challenging and life-affirming. The teachers are trained to create a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment.  


The Art retreats take the principles and many practises of Mindfulness teaching and put them into a creative context. These retreats take the form of creative play exploring Soshin (the beginners mind) and as such is just as beneficial to absolute beginners or professional artists, with the pre retreat questionnaire providing us with the opportunity of creating retreats tailored to those attending the course.

Share experiences and make lasting friendships.