Why Mindfulness

Why Mindfulness

Who is the course for?

This residential course is for anyone wishing to live a more healthy, integrated and satisfying life.

Who has also used Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes?

This mindfulness and art retreat aims to introduce and offer you a sense of how practicing mindfulness and art may be and is suitable to anyone who wants to explore strategies to calm their busy, overactive minds. No previous experience of art or mindfulness is required by anyone considering this retreat, it is suitable for anyone expert or novice. The pre-course questionaire allows the tutors to customise the retreat for the individuals attending, both in terms of experience, any underlying health issues and special dietary requirements. All of this delivered in the luxury and tranquility of The Marris Barn in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.

What might I gain from practicing Mindfulness?

• an ability to cope more effectively with short and long-term stressful situations
• an increased ability to relax and feel calm, to enjoy yourself more.
• greater energy and enthusiasm for life.
• lasting decreases in a range of physical and psychological symptoms including stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and menopausal symptoms.
• Reductions in pain and an enhanced ability to cope with chronic pain.

Why Art?

The very act of being creative, regardless of your level of expertise, evokes the same response that meditation does, by providing a fully absorbing joyful focus for the mind; which in turn instils a sense of calm. The objects, creatures or places we look at and respond to, the movement of a pencil across beautiful textured paper, the coordination of the hand to eye and even the simple act of looking and rediscovering the beauty of the world around us is restorative. Just leave your inner critic at the door and rediscover how to play, laugh and create. Be guided into “The Zone” one of the deepest levels of mindfulness, a wonderful place to escape to when life gets a bit too much